Are you wanting to outsource your video editing? Then you are in the right place. We help video creators create video content that people will want to watch. With thousands of videos under our belts, we have helped creators in different genres level up their video content through editing, production consultation and retention reviews.

Editing takes time, time that you can use working on other things in your business. Handing off this task not only frees up that time, but it also improves your content. Before we start, we onboard your channel or business, learning all the little details that make your brand. We take those details and implement them into your videos so that it blends with your goals. Special attention is paid to the analytics of each edited video, determining trends that are particular to your audience.


Longer video watch times

A dedicated team of editors

Quick turn around times

YouTube and social media editors

If you are feeling stagnant in your videos, try having two or three of our editors edit the same video in three different ways. We love pushing our editing skills to refresh your content and creating a new vibe. With a full team of editors, we have the flexibility to experiment and the ability to remain consistent in all genres.

We should also let you in on a little secret – we have a background in video production! When we consult with our channels, we can help set up home studios, suggest filming equipment, source and hire you a production team or teach you how to set up a production calendar. Our sessions are designed to push towards your goals while improving your video production and content. Are you ready to take it up to the next level?

About Christina

Although I’m in San Diego, I help creators around the world. Throughout the years, I’ve worked in television news, corporate video, event production and even wedding videography. Landing in video editing for social media was an unexpected event that ended up being the best experience of all. As a mom to three girls and a wife of a supportive husband, I can understand how running a business (or YouTube channel) takes balance. I think it’s great that outsourcing editing gives families back time to spend together.