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The Unplugged Wedding

August 17


There is a new trend popping up in the wedding industry. More and more brides are asking guests to “unplug” and leave electronics, cameras and phones stowed and in the off position during their ceremony and reception. Articles on this subject are popping up on a variety of wedding planning forums, such as, The Off Beat Bride, Wedding Lovely and even The Huffington Post. Not only are cell phones ringing during ceremonies, guests are jumping in front of the professional cameras to get the same shots, holding ipads in front of their faces during dances and standing in the middle of the aisle to capture first kisses.


Personally, I see both sides to this and I’m not opposed to either. Ideally, the shots of the bride coming down the aisle with out an ipad in view would be wonderful. However, I understand brides and grooms who love family members sharing their wedding cell phone pictures instantly on social media. The look and feeling of your wedding is up to you. I’ll work around the guests as long as you want the “up in the air” cell phones in the picture.


Before you choose to have a plugged in or unplugged wedding, consider both sides. Would you rather see faces of your guests or electronics in your professional photos and video? Would you rather your guests feel the freedom of unplugging to enjoy your well planned ceremony? Do you want your guests to snap as many candids as possible?  How do I politely tell my guests my wedding is an electronic free zone?

Do you think weddings should be unplugged?



Brides and Grooms who did not Regret Wedding Video

April 18


A few weeks ago I posted a blog from fellow filmmakers discussing Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer or Filmmaker. I wanted to take that a step further and to allow you to read a few comments from our past brides. We love feedback from our couples after they watch their film. In fact, we are usually on pins and needles waiting to hear their thoughts. Sometimes it is an email, sometimes a thank you note. Each one we cherish and feel so blessed to have been a part of their amazing wedding day. See what our clients had to say after they watched their video for the first time.




“SO AMAZING!!! Wedding video is definitely underrated, so many of my friends that have only seen our video highlight that were married recently (before us), say they now regret now getting video.  Pictures are wonderful and capture moments in time, but video is…just irreplaceable, you relive the day and it’s so wonderful. Thank you so much!”  – Silvia


“Thank you so much for the wedding DVD — we just received it today and we have watched it multiple times already. We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, the quality and the time that you have spent with this video. We feel that you have  captured so much of our day that we can’t wait to share with our friends, family and even our children some day!  We keep telling everyone that there is NO DOUBT that you need a video of the day of the wedding — everything does go by so fast and the video is a great way of capturing special moments in seconds! ”  – Laura


“We have no words to describe how much we love the video!!! THANK YOU, you did an amazing job!!!”  – Jackie


“It is so beautifully done!  I love it!  Thank you so much for capturing everything and for the hours of hard work that obviously went into editing it.  Mike and I got all teary-eyed and emotional again watching it.” – Beth


“We LOVE the video SOOO much!!! We both cried the first time…and then kept watching it over and again. We are SOOO very glad we had you do this–you did a fabulous job!!! It’s SO creative and simply WONDERFUL!!” – Valerie


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Why hire a wedding videographer or filmmaker?

April 3

Photo provided by Melissa McClure Photography


Time and time again I hear former brides express regret for not capturing video at their wedding. It pains me everytime I hear that word, “regret“. If only I could go back in time and offer my services to those brides. When I planned my wedding a few year ago, the wedding video was my number one concern and one of the first decisions I made. You may be saying, “of course it was, you make wedding videos for a living.” That may be true, but I understand the value of having a this treasured keepsake.


Video is listed as the number one regret from married couples according to The Broke Ass Bride’s article on There are many reasons to hire a wedding videographer or filmmaker. I turned to my fellow video friends and asked for their help. Wedding filmmakers are speaking up! See what they have to say when asked, “Why should a couple hire a video professional to capture their wedding day?”




Stepheny KeithBlack Sheep Filmworks, “Because this is your best day. Besides the day your children are born, this is it. It deserves/begs/needs/must be filmed.”



Meghan SimoneMeg Simone Wedding Films, “If you establish a good trusting rapport with the professional you are hiring to capture your day, you can relax knowing there is someone else out there acting as a set of eyes for you. This way, when you are stuck talking to a guest longer then anticipated you won’t have a panic attack when you hear screams of laughter in the other room. Hopefully the filmmaker is capturing the moment.”


Cali HlavacA Sound Impression. “Because I would DIE to watch my parents or grandparents wedding film… and your children will feel the same way!”


Cayce CrownThe Crown View, Inc, “What happens on your wedding day is unlike anything else that will ever happen to you. Make it literally unforgettable with a film.”


Alicia Herrenkohl NathansonBlossom Productions, “When you are walking down the aisle there’s a very good chance you may miss your parent’s reaction as you will be focused on looking right at your fiance as well as the other guests.”


Christina Grimsley, In Motion Video Productions, “Two reasons: It’s an investment in your family’s history, something that can be handed down to the next generation. Secondly, because I don’t think couples realize how much they miss the day of the wedding!  There are so many more “inbetween” moments that go unnoticed. Often I will catch a proud look of a grandmother watching the bride from across the room or a mother/father tearing up during the ceremony. The bride and groom are too busy to take in the small, but equally important moments of the day.  Those moments on film are priceless.”


Regina Keysacker DruryGolden Key Productions, “I so regret not having a video because now that my husband is gone, it would have been great to have something that my girls could watch to hear and know his voice.”


Ursula Tavarez Ballart, Belvedere Stories, “Because you can’t hear your vows or your dad’s speech through a photo.”


Lauren Brock, Candlelight Films, “Videos include so many details. Having one literally makes you remember more about your day for longer. I know I only remember bits and pieces of the getting ready, and especially reception portions of our wedding (4 years ago). If I had a video with tons of clips to help me remember each moment, I think I’d remember more. I try not to think about this too much because it makes me sad! Just happy for our brides that they have one.”


Isabel Gonzalez,  Isabel Cinémathèque, “A moving picture is the only way to capture a quiver of a groom’s lip when his bride is walking down the aisle. It’s the only way to hear and see your grandfather tell you how beautiful you look. It’s the only way to see how low your groom actually dipped you during your first dance and to hear the applause that proceeded it. It’s the most complete way to relive the day. And if the wedding film is created by a professional, an artist in their craft, then the memories and emotions are heightened. What a lovely gift for yourselves … and future grandkiddies.”


Danielle KaiserJet Kaiser Films, “So your great grandchildren can hear what your voice sounded like when you were said your vows. When you are old and gray, you and your family can relive those precious moments.”


Joanna Banks-MorganDiva Productions, “You grew up with mom or dad recording every birthday party, dance recital and softball game with the family camcorder. Now that you’re getting married why wouldn’t you want a professional to record your wedding day? Back then you may not have been the prima ballerina or the game MVP, but on this one day, your wedding day, the world revolves around you and your fiance´. You deserve to remember it – the sound of his voice, the laughter of your friends, the wisdom of your grandparents who have been married for 50 years when they give advice on how to have a long and happy marriage. Photos are wonderful, and necessary, but they can’t instantly take you back to the moment when you hear your fiance’s voice catch when he talks about the first moment he realized he was in love with you. Remember it. “



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