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Ask a Planner – How Do I Find Inspiration for My Wedding?

September 16

Congrats! You have made it through the proposal, you have contacted all your friends and family, you have changed your Facebook status to “engaged”. What is next? The planning of course!! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with all the information available at our fingertips. We reached out to our Ask the Planner Panel to find out the best ways to find inspiration for wedding planning. Watch to find out more.


Amy June – Amy June Weddings and Events

Francine Ribeau – Francine Ribeau Events

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Ideas for Save the Date Videos

May 2


The engagement has begun. The venue has been picked. The date has been set. Now it is time to announce the details to your friends and family. Many people choose to send a Save the Date momento to each of their guests. This is especially important if many of your guests live out of town and may need to plan travel. Some couples opt to get creative and make a video Save the Date. You can do this on your own with a video camera and simple editing software. Or you can choose to hire a professional to take care of all the work for you. Either way, here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.


The Engagement

Have a friend film the actual proposal story. Consider clips of picking out a ring, planning the big event and the moments before the proposal. It is fun to see the behind the scenes story that are leading up to the, “yes!” Edit these clips together, add the date to the end and share the moment with the world.


The Love Story

Take a more traditional approach and tell your love story. Include detaila of where you met, how it happened and what brought you both together. Perhaps doing a “her story” and “his story” could lead to some funny differences in storytelling. Recreating the events could provide some comedy too. This is a great way to introduce your significant other to wedding guests that may not have met your fiancé.


Family and Friends

Sometimes people from the outside of a relationship see a different perspective. You can use this to your advantage by including friends and family in your Save the Date video. Have them tell their version of your love story or engagement story. Or, make a list of questions about your relationship for your parents to answer on camera. Your bridal party can give the top reasons to attend the wedding or consider a lip sync dance video to a favorite song.


The key to a good Save the Date video is to let your personality as a couple shine. Your friends and family will enjoy the extra creativity and you will have a keepsake to treasure for years to come.




Creative Ways to Incorporate Video at a Wedding Reception

March 19


A typical wedding reception usually consists of a grand entrance, a first dance, toasts and cake cutting. Why not make your wedding reception unique by incorporating video? The current trend of baby photos rotating on a screen is a great way to walk down memory lane, but consider these fresh new ideas to make your reception stand out from the rest.


Ask each set of parents to jump in front of the camera for an interview. They can tell quick childhood stories of the bride and groom growing up. Or ask them questions about the couple. Questions could include:


  • How did the Bride and Groom meet?
  • How did the Groom propose?
  • How many years have the couple been dating?
  • When did you know marriage was in their future?


You may be surprised and amused at the answers. The laughs and entertainment will be a hit with your guests.


If you have a lively bridal party, ask them to make a music video lip snyc. Or, maybe they would like to act out a dramatization of the first date, first kiss and proposal. Or perhaps, they can just send their words of advice to the couple for a long last marriage.


An interview with the bride and groom describes how they met and fell in love. Consider interviewing each separately to see if there are cute differences in each version. Include photos of first dates and important milestones. Or, if available, include video of the actual proposal.



All of these ideas can be done on your own or with the help of a professional. Have fun and be creative!
The Unplugged Wedding

August 17


There is a new trend popping up in the wedding industry. More and more brides are asking guests to “unplug” and leave electronics, cameras and phones stowed and in the off position during their ceremony and reception. Articles on this subject are popping up on a variety of wedding planning forums, such as, The Off Beat Bride, Wedding Lovely and even The Huffington Post. Not only are cell phones ringing during ceremonies, guests are jumping in front of the professional cameras to get the same shots, holding ipads in front of their faces during dances and standing in the middle of the aisle to capture first kisses.


Personally, I see both sides to this and I’m not opposed to either. Ideally, the shots of the bride coming down the aisle with out an ipad in view would be wonderful. However, I understand brides and grooms who love family members sharing their wedding cell phone pictures instantly on social media. The look and feeling of your wedding is up to you. I’ll work around the guests as long as you want the “up in the air” cell phones in the picture.


Before you choose to have a plugged in or unplugged wedding, consider both sides. Would you rather see faces of your guests or electronics in your professional photos and video? Would you rather your guests feel the freedom of unplugging to enjoy your well planned ceremony? Do you want your guests to snap as many candids as possible?  How do I politely tell my guests my wedding is an electronic free zone?

Do you think weddings should be unplugged?



Why We LOVE Our Clients

August 10

Our clients R O C K. It is as plain and simple as that. Another wedding vendor asked us why we do what we do and we did not hesitate to answer, “it’s our clients!”  We are very fortunate to have clients that not only adore what we do, they also appreciate our time and talent. I began a conversation in a filmmaker forum on Facebook and found “awesome clients” to be a common thread in our video world.

For example, Tammy  Eichholz Akard from Sweet Tea Video said, “One of my brides sent me an email in all caps with a huge font telling me how much she loved her wedding film. I’ve also received a hand written note in the mail with a spa gift card. I was blown away. But really, a little goes a long way. If we can eat a hot meal when the guests are eating, we are good.”


A snapshot from a Thank You that recently came in the mail. We love it!


And our friend, Erin Korbylo from Classic Pixels in Louisville, KY said, ” Last year, I got a card in the mail. It was from a client. Their anniversary just passed and they  watched their film. They wanted to write and say how much they appreciated having us at their wedding and capturing everything so beautifully. It meant a lot because it was over a year later and they loved their film even more than the first time.”

I started to think back to our past clients and how they made us feel before, during and after their event. Once, a couple invited us to a dinner to get to know each other. Another time, during a reception, a bride made her way to us just to ask if we had enough to eat. And recently, a couple gave us a generous gift basket as a thank you. It really is the thought that counts. The sweet words on thank you notes, the big hug when they see us walk in the bridal suite and the wonderful reviews of our services go a LONG way. We appreciate clients that appreciate us.

Our clients R O C K! It is as plain and simple as that.