May 6

Baby Wishes Hula and Yoli – Baby Number 2!


It’s no secret that Hula Ramos is one of our favorite morning radio personalities in San Diego. He is part of the AJ in the Morning show on Energy 103.7. We’ve been filming Hula and his wife, Yoli, since their first pregnancy and even filmed their first Video Birth Announcement. They’ve both come a long way and are now pros at the parenting game. See how they have changed over the past year in their Baby Wish Video for Baby Number 2.


Baby Wishes Hula and Yoli #2 from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.



May 3

Video Birth Announcement for Erik

There is another sweet baby boy on our blog. Erik makes his Video Birth Announcement debut as the son of Amy Vargas, owner of First Comes Love. I just love the way he stares at his mommy. He’s very smitten. Erik also has a big sister, Ariana. We filmed her Baby Wishes just a few years ago before she was even born. In all, we were happy to see this family settling into their life as a family of four. Congrats!


Birth Announcement for Erik from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.




May 1

Video Birth Announcement for Jove


He’s here!! Baby number 3 for newborn photographer, Chrystal Cienfuegos. And he is handsome! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I really love filming this family. They are growing and it is amazing to watch them adjust. With two big sisters, Ivy and Veda, this little guy will always have someone looking after him. He is a cuddly little guy too. You can see in the video how much he is loved!


Birth Announcement for Jove from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.




April 29

Baby Wishes for Baby Morovich


It seems like babies are all over our blog, but we don’t mind. Here is another Baby Wish video for Baby Morovich. Mom and dad are first time parents, while putting together their Graco swing, talk to their little girl. I have no doubt these two will be wonderful parents filled with love and even some humor mixed in. The nursery is almost complete, the rocker is in the corner and now they are just counting down the days until they can meet their sweet baby girl.


Baby Wishes for Baby Morovich from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.



April 27

Baby Wishes for Ivy


Yay! We love repeat clients! This is especially true when it is because a family is growing. First we filmed a Baby Wish for little Veda a few years ago. And now we were asked to film sweet Ivy. I suppose since mom is a popular newborn photographer, they understand how fleeting these childhood memories can be. Ivy’s a fun little girl who likes to let her big sister put makeup on her, put together puzzles and snuggle with mom. Right now, they are expecting a third baby, this time a boy!


Baby Wishes for Ivy from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.