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Ask A Planner – Does My Wedding Need a Theme?

July 5

Wedding inspiration


Have you been to a wedding lately and noticed a theme running throughout the whole day? From invitation to first dance to party favors, these details are well thought out months before the big day. When you browse wedding blogs and Pinterest, you may be bombarded with many wedding themes. There seems to be something for everyone and something to suit every couple. But does every wedding need to have one? Our Ask the Planner Panel tackles this question and give their take on the question.


Amy June – Amy June Weddings and Events

Francine Ribeau – Francine Ribeau Events


Are you planning on using a theme in your wedding? Tell us about it in the comments.


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Ask A Planner II – Meet the Panel

June 26

It’s that time again! We’d like to introduce you to our panel for the second series of,  “Ask a Planner”. The first series was so much fun, that we just had to do it again. Have a question that you would like a professional event and wedding planner to answer? Look no further! We are taking our cameras to different planners to get their perspective and answers to your questions. But first, meet our current panelists below.


Amy June – Amy June Weddings and Events


Affairs by Amy San Diego Weddings

Amy June is a wedding planner and event designer for the Southern California area, with a majority of events being planned in San Diego.Amy’s passion for planning has always been a major part of her, and statements as well as photos from her childhood friends will prove this easily. In her youth, she was always the event information resource for their DIY projects.

Amy unofficially started her business while living in Des Moines, Iowa, while going to Massage and Esthetics school. Having no other wedding professionals in the immediate area, she continued to work in her position of inventory control. Planning was always her destiny and after returning to her home of Southern California, she spent time studying the local wedding market. After confirming to herself that this was where her talent was, she officially launched her company as Affairs by Amy and started joining several local and national professional organizations to help educate and propel her business. Through dedication and consistent quality, she was soon one of the most sought after event planners in the area.

Amy doesn’t only help plans others’ events, she launches her own shows too. With a co-director, Amy co-launched the Modern Love Show (MLS). The MLS is marketed to both LGBT and straight couples as an event targeted to those that have difficulty finding what they are looking for in a traditional bridal show.   The initial success of MLS was such a success that shortly after the event a wedding directory was formed to help couples find trusted vendors willing to work with them on their celebration.

After a major rebrand into Amy June Weddings and Events, complete with additional qualified assistants, Amy remains at the top of the list for in demand planners for both local and destination couples.  You can find her at her boutique office in Point Loma, on venue tours with couples, or shopping to put together the perfect design for an upcoming event.  Always busy, always full of ideas, and always ready to help you!



Francine Ribeau – Francine Ribeau Events


San Diego Wedding PlannerFrancine is known to possess a rare mix of talents that helps couples express their own unique vision and personal style. By offering couples sound advice on traditional and contemporary trends, providing creative and innovative solutions on budgeting concerns, and committing to the highest level of customer service, couples can rest assured that Francine will ensure that they will have the most memorable day of their lives. She promises an emotionally-fulfilling and worry-free event so they can spend their wedding day celebrating their love for each other and connecting with friends and family.

The foundation of Francine Ribeau Events is Francine’s neo-traditional style of wedding planning. Weddings tend to be very traditional in terms of style, formality and attitude. Francine believes that today’s couples are questioning why these traditions are so important and what it means for them. She finds that most brides and grooms she works with have decided to challenge the norm and wish to create a wedding that is an authentic representation of their own personal style. By weaving a thoughtful blend of beloved tradition and inventive individuality and by combining time-honored customs with expressive creativity, new traditions for the modern couple are formed. This new adaptation of traditional wedding planning creates a memorable event that honors, not only the past and future of the couple, but one that is true to who they are in the present.

Francine Ribeau began in the San Diego wedding industry as a banquet server in 1998. After a combined 9 years in the food and beverage industry, graphic design, marketing and public relations, she founded Francine Ribeau Events in 2007.


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Ask a Planner – “How Do I Make My Wedding Unique?”

March 21

Our Ask a Planner series has covered some great topics. If you haven’t met our panel yet, view their profiles in this blog post. Part one conquered the popular question, “Should we have a first look?” Part two covered, “How do I find the perfect wedding venue?”  The panel of planners have given great advice and are now ready for their final series of video responses.

Part 3 of our first Ask a Planner series asks, “How do I make my wedding unique?” Nowadays, brides pour over magazines, bridal blogs and Pinterest looking for the latest trends to add special touches to their nuptials. Hear what our panel of planners suggest for modern couples looking to be a bit different.

Amy Vargas – First Comes Love



Julie Scrivener – The Best Wedding for You


Melissa Barrad – I Do… Weddings! 

What are ways you are making your wedding unique?



We are working on our next panel. If you are a planner and would like to be included, send us an email at Are you a bride with a question? We are currently accepting questions for our second panel. Email your questions at

Creative Ways to Incorporate Video at a Wedding Reception

March 19


A typical wedding reception usually consists of a grand entrance, a first dance, toasts and cake cutting. Why not make your wedding reception unique by incorporating video? The current trend of baby photos rotating on a screen is a great way to walk down memory lane, but consider these fresh new ideas to make your reception stand out from the rest.


Ask each set of parents to jump in front of the camera for an interview. They can tell quick childhood stories of the bride and groom growing up. Or ask them questions about the couple. Questions could include:


  • How did the Bride and Groom meet?
  • How did the Groom propose?
  • How many years have the couple been dating?
  • When did you know marriage was in their future?


You may be surprised and amused at the answers. The laughs and entertainment will be a hit with your guests.


If you have a lively bridal party, ask them to make a music video lip snyc. Or, maybe they would like to act out a dramatization of the first date, first kiss and proposal. Or perhaps, they can just send their words of advice to the couple for a long last marriage.


An interview with the bride and groom describes how they met and fell in love. Consider interviewing each separately to see if there are cute differences in each version. Include photos of first dates and important milestones. Or, if available, include video of the actual proposal.



All of these ideas can be done on your own or with the help of a professional. Have fun and be creative!
Snap Happy Moms! {event}

March 18


A while back we told you about Snap Happy Moms!, a website dedicated to the education of DSLR cameras. Snap Happy Moms! uses online tutorials and in person classes to practices hands on. We were asked to attend a class to show what it is all about. What a great opportunity to see the fun and learning. Check out the short clip to learn more.



Would you like to take a class? Make sure to join the Meetup pageto be informed of the next opportunites.