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SHINE the fashion show by Mini & Me Boutique {event}

April 25




Mini & Me Boutique, located in Scripps Ranch, hosted a Fashion Show benefitting AJ’s Kids Crane for Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Susan Swafford, the owner of Mini & Me Boutique knows all to well the importance of the toys that are administered to the children at Rady’s. Her son was a patient not too long ago and was diagnosed with brain tumor. Now, with the cancer at bay, Susan supports the Children’s Hospital in any way she can.

The SHINE fashion show was particularly special because she invited several patients and doctors from the oncology unit to be a part of the show. The kids and adults had a great time showing off the latest fashions and doing a twirl on the runway.


SHINE the fashion show by Mini & Me Boutique, Benefitting AJ’s Kids Crane for Rady’s Children’s Hospital from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.






La Jolla Rough Water Swim {event}

April 17


Swim in the ocean? Me? No, not me! I don’t think I could swim a few feet let alone a mile. The La Jolla Rough Water Swim is an annual event that takes place in the La Jolla, CA cove. It is an impressive event, with over 2000 participants of all ages. We were asked by an out-of-state family to film their daughter and her friend as they braved the water and swam the mile race. This event has become a tradition for this family and they make the trip every year.

Standing at the top of the cove you can see the hundreds of swimmers entering the water and disappearing into little specks of color. All you can see is their swim caps until they swim back to shore, racing through the sand to the finish line. Even if you are not a swimmer, the Rough Water Swim is a great day of family fun with lots to see.

Here is a short recap of what you will experience.




La Jolla Rough Water Swim 2013 from Murasaki Media on Vimeo.




Serendipity Gardens with Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School {event}

March 22


Imagine sketching in your sketch book or painting on your easel in a relaxed setting with many other artists. Music plays as the models pose in amazing costumes in fun scenes right in front of your seat. No one judges your art, everyone goes at their own pace and everyone learns from each other. That is what Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is all about.

Set at the Serenditpity Garden Estate in La Jolla, we filmed a garden party hosted by the event organizer, Nikki. It was unlike anything we’ve participated in before and we were inspired to grab a pencil and draw!

Check it out!






Snap Happy Moms! {event}

March 18


A while back we told you about Snap Happy Moms!, a website dedicated to the education of DSLR cameras. Snap Happy Moms! uses online tutorials and in person classes to practices hands on. We were asked to attend a class to show what it is all about. What a great opportunity to see the fun and learning. Check out the short clip to learn more.



Would you like to take a class? Make sure to join the Meetup pageto be informed of the next opportunites.



Hera Hub Hosts Media Training – Win Over the Media {event}

March 12

Meet the masterminds behind the Win Over the Media Event hosted at Hera Hub, Angela Chee and Stacey Ross. Angela is the founder of Zen Media Inc, a media consulting company that specializes in helping you grow your brand and business. With many years of experience on camera, Angela brings an unique set of skills to each training session. Stacey is the founder of SR Media Consulting, offering strategic development to small business owners. She has executed many plans with companies that strive for excellence.


Together, these ladies combined efforts to educate entrepreneurs in a one stop media workshop. The Win Over the Media workshop was held at Hera Hub, a collaborative space for co-working. Participants learned how to blend old media with new media to create a killer combination. We were there to film the event and to offer business video services to participants.

Watch our short clip to find out more!