September 10

Hula & Yoli Ramos Annouce Baby Chimi’s Name

I have been waiting for this moment! With much excitement, Hula Ramos from The AJ Show, has announced the name of his sweet baby girl. Recently, Hula was known as the well loved morning show producer on Star 94.1. The show ended right before his wife, Yoli, gave birth to his first born daughter. His Facebook and Twitter feed exploded with the popular question, “what is her name?” ┬áThe answer? Radio silence.


Last week, AJ and the gang told the world that the show was moving to Engery 103.7 with a new name, The AJ Show. The anticipation built when Hula posted on his Facebook page that he planned on announcing her name on the first day of the new show. Did you miss the announcement? Don’t worry, you can find out by watching her Video Birth Announcement.


We also filmed a Baby Wish Video with Hula and Yoli – Check it out:


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