August 15

How to Keep Makeup Lasting at Your Shoot – A Guest Blog from Lindsay Ann Makeup Artistry


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A few months ago, we showcased a guest blogger who discussed the importance of makeup for your shoot. It makes a big different in the lens and is a decision that you will not regret. This month, we asked Lindsay Ann Makeup Artistry to give some tips on how to keep your makeup long lasting on your shoot. Lindsay specializes in wedding and event makeup in San Diego, California and travels to other locations. She offer both airbrush and traditional makeup using MAC Cosmetics and other high-end high definition (HD) makeup. Read what she suggests to keep that face pretty all day.





So it’s the big day, you look amazing. You should look amazing; you calculated your every move to make you look like YOU- the amazing version. Whether you hired a professional or did your own fabulousness, here are a few tips to keep you looking awesome under the glare of cameras all day.


Primer– It all starts before you even lay the paint down on your face. Apply a face and separate eye primer to ensure your makeup stays put. You can skip the eye primer if you’re on a budget and use a concealer but make sure it’s set very well with translucent powder.


Face Setting Spray– After you’ve been dolled up, mist a bit of a makeup setting spray like Model In a Bottle, or if you’re oily, Urban Decay De-Slick. This will take away the powdery look and make sure your makeup stays in place all day.


Touch up kit– Pack a little bag to take with you just in case you encounter a makeup meltdown. In it, bring blotting papers with you to soak up any excess oil. Also, carry along the lip color used on your lips for ease of application. If you don’t own it, request a sample to be made or have your artist to use a longwear lipstick and gloss.



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  1. Danielle says:

    Really great advice! Lindsay did my makeup before and she is the BEST! It totally lasted forever! 🙂

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