April 9

Hair and Makeup for the Camera – Guest Blog from Audra René Studio

Torn about whether or not to get your hair and makeup done for a Wedding, Engagement Love Story or Baby Wish Shoot? It does make a difference. Read some awesome advice from our Guest Blogger, Audra René. Audra, owner of the Audra René Studio in Mission Valley San Diego, has been a hair colorist, cutter, stylist, and makeup artist for over a decade. Her work has been featured on many blogs, video and magazines. Read her thoughts about the benefits of professional hair styling and makeup for your shoot.


Why Hire a Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Shoot?

Technology is amazing. Today’s cameras capture unbelievable detail, allowing professionals to capture better quality video and photos than ever before. These advancements allow us to have ridiculously amazing memories to enjoy and share for decades to come. The downside? With that much detail and resolution, your hair and makeup had better look great when it’s time for your close up!

Luckily, the beauty industry stays on the cutting edge of technology as well. Many of us hair and makeup artists are well versed in specific techniques for making sure our clients look amazing on camera, but still natural. There are skin preparation productions, primers, and finishing products designed specifically for high definition video or photo. A professional also knows which hair products to use to keep hair where you’d like it, with the proper finish and hold for your specific look and hair type. When I work with a client I take into account the weather, lighting, outfits, location of shoot and more to make sure we have decided on the best possible complete look.


Photo by Priddy Smith

Hiring an expert who knows what to use, and how to use it to accentuate your features, will ensure you look like the most amazing version of yourself through your shoot. When you’re talking the time to plan the details for the perfect location, outfit, etcetera, consider that the way you look will absolutely affect the way you feel. When someone feels comfortable and secure, that definitely shows on camera and ensures the best possible camera experience!


Photo by SheWanders Photography


For more information on Audra and her services, contact her at www.audrarene.com.



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